Education and Government IT Solutions

Solutions to Support the Community

Schedule 70 IT - SIN 132‐8 Hardware, 132-51 for IT Services, 132-12 for Maintenance of Equipment, Repair Services and/or Repair/Spare Parts - FSS: GS‐35F‐223AA - DUNS# 070462614 - Cage Code: 5M9F7

Doing what’s best for the people around you means doing every job the right way – this is no different for schools and municipalities. Whether you’ve got minds to mold or a city to run, we have great education and government IT solutions for both. ACP Technologies’ experience in building great IT solutions will help you create a better tomorrow for those who rely on you. We’ll help you through your IT challenges with everything from regulatory compliance to network security and beyond.

With custom education and government IT solutions specially tailored to your needs, ACP Technologies can help relieve the frustrations you face with your technology. With us, you’ll be able to: 

  • Easily & securely share city records or lesson plans between multiple users
  • Quickly access important forms & documents you have archived
  • Integrate network security to protect confidential data & records
  • Consolidate applications in one secure location to make them easier to find

Let’s find a workable IT solution for your government agency.