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By 2022...70% of organizations will have suffered a business disruption due to unrecoverable data loss in a SaaS application.

Source: Gartner 2019 "Assuming SaaS Applications Don't Require Backups is Dangerous."

When organizations adopt Microsoft 365, it is critical to understand that Microsoft’s service agreement does not hold Microsoft responsible for backing up your data. Most SaaS vendors operate under something called “the Shared Responsibility model” this basically means that Microsoft and others will protect their applications and infrastructure but not the data within, that falls to users.

Backing up Microsoft 365 is a must for any business and Microsoft recommends taking a backup of your data, to protect against data loss. Human error is the leading cause of data loss for businesses, but it doesn’t stop there. In addition to accidental, or malicious deletion, o365 backup is also necessary due to threats from:

  • Ransomware, virus, or other malware
  • External hackers
  • Hard disk or storage damage
  • Software corruption
  • Natural disaster

As the business world has moved from local applications to cloud based applications to facilitate flexible work solutions, so must your Business Continuity Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plan. By deploying Microsoft 365 backup tools you ensure a fast, effective recovery path that native Microsoft tools can’t deliver.  ACP Technologies Managed Microsoft 365 Backup not only ensures a reliable backup but a rapid recovery providing you continuity for your business data.

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Microsoft 365 Backup

Microsoft Teams grew by over 1000% in 2020...

Work from home, or as we like to put it flexible work solutions have driven many organizations to Microsoft Teams. This powerful tool aggregates many Microsoft features into one collaborative space. The risk now is all the data that is shared via messages, file libraries, lists, and much more are outside of traditional backup solutions. This gap gets larger every day for organizations as your staff gets more comfortable with the tools, and greater adoption is found inside the organization. There must be a strategy for securely capturing this data to protect against the honest mistake.

Microsoft 365 Backup

Microsoft Teams backup is critical in this flexible work environment.

Microsoft 365 Backup

Goodbye VPN and Company Share on the server.

In 2020 organizations made a big shift to their document strategy. For many Microsoft 365 that they were already using provided the quick and familiar path to help ditch the traditional server, and get those documents to the cloud. Most are not aware that Microsoft is not liable for the data on their systems. The average length of time from data compromise to discovery is over 140 days. Many items in Microsoft 365 by default are permanently deleted after 30 days. There is a 110-day gap that organizations must account for as part of their Business Continuity Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plan.

Microsoft 365 Backup

Microsoft 365 data is not baked up by default.

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