Healthcare IT Solutions for Your Medical Practice

Creating Better Healthcare IT Solutions for Your Firm

Quality of life is achieved by what you put into it. We believe the same is true for your healthcare IT solutions. From the necessities of security, compliance, mobility and telemedicine; our IT solutions will help you improve your patient’s care, your productivity and your bottom line. Never worry about the security of your PHI records with the increased cybersecurity threats that the healthcare industry has been facing. We consider changing government mandates, mobile technologies and the need to cut costs to improve the way you provide patient care.

Partnership with ACP Technologies gives healthcare providers throughout Buffalo and San Antonio custom, reliable and cost-effective IT health solutions plus benefits such as:

  • Security assessments, including HIPAA compliance
  • Integrated network security to protect patient data
  • Backup and disaster recovery measures
  • Secure cloud solutions for collaboration
  • Enhanced patient ability to securely share health information
  • Eliminated distance barriers for patients through video, mobile solutions and telemedicine conferencing
  • Enhanced communications between patient and medical staff
  • Improved on-site communication through secure Wi-Fi and digital signage
  • Unified communications: VoIP telephony, IM, presence, mobility, conferencing, collaboration, sharing, etc.
healthcare it solutions

Providing Healthcare IT solutions for your medical practice.