Get Veeam Cloud Connect for Your Business

Considering Cloud-Based Backup and Recovery?

It takes a lot of time and resources to ensure that your system information and client data is backed up each day. But ACP’s partnerships with Veeam cloud connect enables you to work easy knowing all of your vital information will be accessible, no matter what happens.

This technology works by creating daily, offsite backups of your data, so it’s simple to access. Recoverability is ensured by our 3-2-1 rule. This rule states you should have at least three copies of your data stored on at least two different drives, with at least one backup copy being offsite. With our partner’s cloud technology, we can put the 3-2-1 rule to work for your business.

In addition to our 3-2-1 rule backup, you’ll receive benefits such as:

  • Complete access, visibility and control of your backup repositories
  • Cloud based offsite backups for your data and local virtual guests
  • Up-to-date copy and secondary copy of your virtual applications
  • Unlimited retention
  • Easy restoration of files, virtual disks and entire VMs to your local environment or to another site from a cloud repository copy
  • Utilization of backup copy jobs or direct backup jobs that can be routed to the cloud
  • Support for both VMware and Hyper-V platforms
  • End-to-end, SSL-based encryption
  • Support for large data volumes that use incremental backups and GFS retention
  • SLA Restore Programs
ACP Technologies in West Seneca NY - ACP Veeam Cloud Connect Providers

A backup just may save
your workday.

Other Managed Security Services:

ACP Technologies in West Seneca NY - ACP Computer Network Security Services

We keep your network in tip-top shape.

ACP Technologies in West Seneca NY - ACP Icon Network and Security


Concerned about the safety of your IT infrastructure? Establishing a secured network protocol is the best way to minimize threats for your business. The certified engineers at ACP Technologies are here to take on your network security needs, help you stay in compliance and maintain the highest level of efficiency for your business. Remain secure with our round-the-clock protection.

ACP Technologies in West Seneca NY - ACP Icon for Data Backup and Recovery


The most worrisome disasters are the ones you never saw coming. But with data and backup recovery from ACP Technologies, you can be prepared for whatever comes next. Our comprehensive backup software will have you up and running at full steam within an hour of an incident. We can do this because our systems run online continuity cloud storage for both internal and offsite networks.

ACP Technologies in West Seneca NY - ACP Data Backup and Recovery

A backup just may save
your workday.

ACP Technologies in West Seneca NY - ACP Spam Filtering Service for business

Without spam, the message is clear.

ACP Technologies in West Seneca NY - ACP Icon SPAM filtering blue


Renew your workflow by turning your email back into a useful tool. With spam filtering from ACP Technologies, you’ll be able to cut through the noise and get directly to the emails you need – not to mention, remove the anxiety associated with that triple-digit number attached to your inbox. You will also be protected from the virus threats emails are known for to maximize your time at work.

See what proactive IT maintenance can do for your workday. 

Our Other Services:

managed IT services


Strengthen your IT infrastructure with the tools needed for smarter problem solving. Between our IT help desk, data center services and professional services, your business will be protected by affordable, 24/7 remote monitoring whenever proactive and responsive IT services are needed. ACP Technologies’ managed IT services are your roadside assistance.


Even if you’re rolling along on the best IT support available, it’s always a good idea to keep your data backed up. Cloud technologies like virtualization support and Veeam® Cloud Connect keep your data available in a secured and managed state. Whether you’re already backed up in the cloud or need to begin migration, ACP Technologies can help.

unified communications and collaboration


Sharing information and staying connected is the only way to keep your business working at its best. With technologies like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone and Office 365, it’s all made easy. Let’s talk about giving your team the tools it needs for seamless communication.

IT consulting services


Whether you’re taking a new road towards success or just need to know what’s around the next bend, we’ll help you navigate the best route. ACP Technologies provides great, straightforward advice, helping you select an executable timeframe, create a reasonable budget and build a detailed technology roadmap.

IT hardware and software sales


ACP Technologies will get you a loaded technology package with the hardware and software you need for a great price. We’ve partnered with top manufacturers so you can save on upgrades, installation and receive unlimited support. Find the best deals on quality tech with us.

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