Doctors – Your Patients Care About HIPAA Cybersecurity!

Managed IT in Rochester NY

There is a growing concern over privacy and cybersecurity in the healthcare industry, with managed IT at the center of this issue. While HIPAA requires your practice to comply with privacy laws to protect your patients, the patients themselves are also reacting to privacy risks in their own […]

Using Managed IT Services – The Pros and The Cons!

IT Services in Erie PA

Outsourcing IT services is becoming a more cost-efficient solution for businesses of all sizes who rely on their computer networks. Although outsourced managed IT services used to be something that only larger corporations considered, even small companies now find many benefits with the right MSP services provided by […]

Learn Important Questions To Ask When Looking At VoIP Providers!

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VoIP services have become increasingly popular in the past few years, giving business owners new options for cost-effective telecommunications services. You may be considering ShoreTel VoIP services for your business and wondering where to start. This can be a confusing topic for those just getting started.

To help […]