Why Your Email Archiving Strategy Must Be Effective!


Email is one of the most important information resources that a business has today. Storing as much as 75 percent of a company’s communication records and intellectual property, email represents a critical collection of data that must be carefully protected as part of overall IT management. For these stored records to be of any use, companies must employ effective archiving strategies to keep this data readily available as needed.

Therefore, companies planning their managed IT services must also consider the many reasons why they need to develop an appropriate system for archiving past email communications.

Legal and Compliance Factors

Email is a liability for companies as well as protection against potential legal concerns. Certain industries require the secure archiving of email communications according to specific standards. To address this need, companies must have an appropriate method for archiving email as part of their IT management. Many regulatory bodies stipulate that all emails must be archived in specific ways to be searchable.

In addition, complete archiving of data provides an invaluable legal resource for a company should it ever be necessary to search their emails. There is no legal time limit on the storage of historical data like emails, so companies are wise to archive everything.

Data Management, Storage, and the Ability to Search

In addition to the legal and compliance reasons supporting the need for an effective system to archive email, there is also the issue of managing all of this data. Managed IT services must be able to accommodate the volume of data generated, then organize it into a system that make it easy to search it.

Data must be able to be searched and retrieved quickly and accurately. Storage needs must reflect the volume of data being stored and continuously generated and provide easy updating from all user devices within a company’s network.

Accessibility and Preservation

IT management must also consider accessibility concerns regarding email generation and storage as well as how to most securely preserve this data. To accommodate the many employee devices that have access to company email programs and continue generating more records, managed IT services must include a central storage area to store copies of all communications which employee users can access as needed.

Cloud storage solutions work especially well for accommodating email archives since they are easy to access with permission and can be scaled when more archive space is needed. At the same time, it is also essential that companies and their MSPs employ the safest and most secure methods to protect this information while maintaining essential accessibility and ability to be searched.

Based on these and other requirements, the archiving of email data is more complicated than just storing typical data backups. IT management must include email archival systems that provide various degrees of accessibility and thorough searching as well as important security features. Companies should discuss such needs with their managed IT services provider to design the right email management solution!