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With a new year already looming on the horizon, medical businesses and healthcare IT services are already looking ahead at what is in store for cybersecurity and data protection. This year, HIPAA regulations have been further defined and increased. New, more sophisticated threats to IT services have surfaced and there has been an increase in attacks and data breaches.

Moving into 2018, many managed IT services experts see certain trends developing as the healthcare industry attempts to improve security while staying up-to-date on the latest IT technology.

Compliance In the Cloud

Until recently, your healthcare business may have avoided cloud-based IT services due to questionable security and HIPAA compliance concerns. Cloud security has improved dramatically, giving your business the ability to utilize specific cloud services with security features that are HIPAA compliant. Managed IT services can safely incorporate cloud servers into network designs for medical industry clients.

Expanded Security Monitoring Techniques and Tools

The biggest challenge that healthcare IT services have faced with clients data protection is monitoring both internal and external security over entire networks. This should become easier as more managed IT services begin working with integrated security systems that monitor the network and individual access points. These points have become targets through sophisticated malware that attacks operating systems and other Advanced Persistent Threats (ATPs).

All-encompassing security monitoring that provides IT managers a total view of the entire network from one control location will become more important as more threats to the actual data arise. Also expect to see greater use of virtual monitoring tools that allow closer monitoring of specific network segments and detect breaches or data loss happening in those segments. Monitoring will be both broader and more focused.

Improved Application Security

The use of medical applications on various devices has skyrocketed in recent years, leaving the big question of how to keep them secure and compliant within planned IT services and strategies. Application security improvements have become a priority as has finding how to integrate application monitoring into existing security strategies.

Developers are finding ways to use everything from traffic and access points to analyzing the type of data being accessed as viable ways to monitor application security. As healthcare IT services adopt better ways to monitor applications, the overall security risk should reduce while compliance becomes easier.

Considering the many security and compliance challenges faced by managed IT services in recent years, the focus on network and data security will continue into 2018. Technology trends suggest that finding better ways to comprehensively monitor networks and IT services is primary. From internal workstations and cloud servers to a variety of mobile devices, healthcare IT services in 2018 will seek ways to keep all of your devices and applications compliant with current HIPAA security regulations!

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