Using Managed IT Services – The Pros and The Cons!


Outsourcing IT services is becoming a more cost-efficient solution for businesses of all sizes who rely on their computer networks. Although outsourced managed IT services used to be something that only larger corporations considered, even small companies now find many benefits with the right MSP services provided by IT experts.

If you are wondering whether managed services can help your company become more productive, consider the many pros and relatively few cons that apply, even to small businesses.

The Pros of Using Managed IT Services

When weighing the pros and cons of outsourcing your IT services, most businesses stand to gain many benefits from doing so, such as the following:

Individualized Service

MSP services are in business to determine what each specific client needs and then provide that service. Whether your company’s needs are more basic or highly complex, you can pay for the type and level of service that offers you the most options.

Experienced Staff and Technical Support

Instead of depending on the knowledge of your employees or undertaking the cost of keeping an IT person on staff, outsourced managed IT services gives you access to experts who specialize in doing this. Your business benefits from this experience without additional cost. In addition, MSPs provide essential support when you need it most, reducing downtime and keeping your business productive. Managed IT services can also help prevent job burnout and loss of employees who find themselves faced with company tasks they are not trained to handle.

Access to the Latest Technology

Technology changes quickly. Keeping up with these changes can be challenging, especially considering current security requirements. By working with experienced MSPs, your company will have immediate access to the latest products that can improve productivity without having to do the research. Your IT services provider will know which products can help you the most and work with you to include the ones that will keep your company productive and secure.

Reduced Operational Costs

Along with all of the above, you should also see reduced operational costs with increased productivity. The goal of outsourced MSP services is to provide you with the tools your company needs to be more profitable and efficiently manage IT without interrupting day-to-day business.

The Cons of Using Managed IT Services

Although most businesses that use managed IT services see benefits, there are still a few disadvantages in using these services that you should know about as well:

Control Issues

Two of the biggest concerns of small business owners are: whether IT services will take away the internal control employees depend on and the confidentiality of company information. In both cases, the solution is to retain reputable providers who will work with your company to fulfill its needs and will respect your confidentiality. Since these services are built on the trust of other companies, confidentiality is taken very seriously by MSPs.

Getting Locked In

Another issue that can be a problem is being locked into services with a provider who uses proprietary software, does not document their services on your network, or does not include you in the planning and execution of their services. Some providers may even require you to sign a contract lasting a year or more. Avoiding these concerns is easy when working with MSPs who use recognized products, include you in all planning, and give you the option of suspending service at any time.

Even though there are a few cons that you must consider when making the move to outsourced IT services, your business will mainly stand to gain important benefits from doing so. Managed IT services give even small companies the resources and tools that much larger ones use, helping your company be more profitable.

Rather than struggling to keep up with today’s technology and business needs, work with MSP services who can make this job easier!