In this day of ever-increasing cyber threats, protecting business data is a priority for every company.

Though many businesses continue with a DIY approach, outsourcing data protection to professional managed data recovery services is usually a better idea.

Yes, these services come at an additional cost; however, data protection should be considered an essential business expense.

Top Reasons to Outsource Managed Data Recovery Services

Based on these top 7 reasons why managed data recovery services should be outsourced, company owners can hopefully understand why outsourcing is preferable and consider investing in these critical services.

  1. Access to Experience - Using outsourced managed data recovery services, companies gain access to educated, experienced tech professionals who only do IT and data protection and keep up with all the new technology to do so. Businesses can plan and set up effective networking and data protection solutions with people who are most able to correctly advise them rather than struggle trying to learn as they go when opting for an in-house solution.
  2. Built-In Industry Compliance - Many industries insist on certain security and regulatory specifics for companies to remain in good standing with professional and government requirements. Industry-based managed data recovery services include built-in security features that will keep client customers in compliance within their industries without having to learn how to implement that compliance on their own.
  3. Flexibility and Scalability - Managed IT and data recovery services from professional providers are designed to be used in the way each individual company needs them as well as be scalable to protect entire networks as the business grows and changes.
  4. Conservation of Onsite Resources - By outsourcing managed data recovery services, businesses have no need to purchase and deploy the hardware necessary to store backups nor a reason to be concerned about issues like the physical destruction of those resources in a workplace or natural disaster. All data is stored offsite at other facilities.
  5. Better for Business Reputation - Companies that struggle with IT and data security can lose reputation fast should a data breach occur. Professional managed data recovery services help companies uphold and build positive reputations by preventing data loss and the liabilities that can come with it.
  6. Business Management Control - Companies can manage their businesses as needed, including restoring files and entire networks, staying in control of everything while their data recovery services are active in the background. It functions almost as a type of business interruption insurance, enabling companies to keep doing business even immediately after an IT problem onsite.
  7. Cost-Effectiveness - All said and done, outsourced managed data recovery services provide an excellent value for the money paid, providing more services and expertise than most companies can ever accomplish trying to keep their data recovery in-house. The idea that DIY saves money is a false one in this case.

Safely Productive With Managed Data Recovery Services

There are certain things that businesses can save money on with in-house services.

Other things, like managed data recovery services, are too important to risk the inexperience and potential problems of DIY.

In the effort of keeping critical business data protected and available, managed data recovery services outsourced to an experienced professional firm are highly recommended!

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