The 5 Top Benefits of Having A Cloud-Managed Network!


Success in business requires the ability to access the right business resources. Managed IT services make up a critical part of these essential resources for most of today’s companies that increasingly depend on their data networks. As networking demands have steadily increased, cloud services have become a highly efficient and preferred option for many businesses. To get the most from business IT, companies should consider the reasons listed below as to why cloud managed networks (CMNs) might be their best option. 

1. Total Control From One Location

CMNs offer companies the efficiency and convenience of complete network control from one cloud-based location. This means not only the ability to provide managed IT services for more than one location from a main hub; it also reduces limitations encountered with both wired and wireless controllers. CMNs allow control of all access points from the cloud, which results in greater productivity and security for all locations.

2. Easy Deployment, Management, and Maintenance

Setting up cloud services is much easier than deploying any other type of network since the main requirement is simply a reliable Internet connection. Applications, network structures, access points, and all other concerns are managed from one point, offering almost immediate service once a user is added to network permissions. Similarly, network and hardware maintenance are both performed efficiently by managed IT services, leaving one less concern for companies utilizing a CMN.

3. Easily Expanded or Reduced

Cloud networks can be quickly and easily expanded or reduced depending upon the needs of the company. With the ability to purchase services based on need and access to added resources as they become necessary, network scalability has never been more simple. Even access points can be added and removed in minutes, greatly improving efficiency and productivity. Scaling network services up or down no longer requires bringing tech specialists to the business location when all of this is controlled in the cloud.

4. Automatic Software Updates

Maintaining current software is essential to preserve productivity and protect network security. Networking with cloud services takes the inconvenience out of manual updates since all software is automatically updated to cloud servers as updates are released. Companies are always working with the most recent version of all their applications and security software as a result, without having to even think about it.

5. Reduced Overall Expenses

Since CMNs exist in the cloud, companies see an extreme reduction in both capital expenditures and operating expenses. Other than end user devices and internet connectivity, no additional hardware is required. Additionally, all applications and required services are paid according to use, with server maintenance included with the cloud service provided. These simple to manage and maintain networks require much less time and effort to manage. Overall, CMNs provide the most cost-effective solution to business IT.

When thinking about the best way to get the highest quality and most functional managed IT services in the most cost-effective manner, companies should consider the above-listed ways that cloud services can help. Between the lower investment, immediate ability to scale services up or down, and convenient access to needed services, moving to the cloud could be the best move a company makes to ensure continued success!