What to Expect from the Technology Consultants at ACP Technologies


Here’s a quick quiz: what’s the difference between a company who advertises themselves as technology providers and one who advertises themselves as technology consultants?

Think of an IT provider as a pharmacist and a technology consultant as your doctor. While IT providers will provide IT services from which your company might benefit, they might not necessarily customize a package of the exact services which would most benefit your company. Technology consultants will do all those things. Here are just a few of the things to expect from the technology consultants at ACP Technologies.

Technology Consultants Offer to Review Your Company’s Needs.

No two businesses are exactly alike. Thereby, no generic package of IT solutions and services would typically maximize the benefit of any given business. Your technology consultants from ACP Technologies will take an overview of your current network, make recommendations as needed, and present the solutions to you. A good example is data storage; if your company is running short on data storage, then your technology consultants could help your company choose between different storage options, such as cloud computing, that might best fit your company’s specific needs.

Assess Areas Which Could Be Fortified.

In these times where everyone has a computer with Internet access, one of the greatest concerns any business should have is the security of their network. It’s incredibly important to know how susceptible you are to attack, breach, or data theft. Your technology consultants at ACP Technologies will examine your network to determine your level of vulnerability, and the immediate steps that can be taken to remedy the problem.   

Make Personalized Recommendations Based On Your Specific Business.

It’s the personal touches that separates technology consultants from your standard IT service provider. Perhaps it is determined your business is in need of a new or an additional server, but that cost is not within your current budget? Your technology consultants will likely suggest that virtualization may be a great solution for you. Utilizing resources from existing workstations already on-site, ACP Technologies can create a “virtual server”, getting you up and running where you need to be.

In the End, Technology Consulting Just Makes Sense.

Would you be happy to visit your doctor with a specific set of symptoms and, instead of giving you an examination and evaluation, he simply prescribed you some penicillin and sent you on your way? Of course not. IT technology consulting is a must to determine the root of the issues, rather than just reactively treating the symptoms. Let’s schedule you in for an appointment, and ACP Technologies will have you back on the road to Wellville.