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Rising Above Other MSPs By Specializing!


As IT has quickly advanced in the past decade or so, the necessary IT services required to manage it all has changed. MSP services have expanded greatly from what initially involved managing smaller networks and fewer devices, to providing an entire menu of services to ever-expanding networks with a growing number and type of devices. To further complicate this, IT services have now entered an era where MSP services may find it difficult to handle the needs of so many different businesses and industries, all with different needs. One common way in which some MSP services are handling this challenge is by specializing and offering services to only one or two business niches.

Increased Demand – Less Could Mean More

The basic idea that an increased need for services means the service provider will be more profitable is flawed in a number of ways. There is no doubt that the demand for IT services continues to increase exponentially as businesses realize the many benefits of paying for managed services. Yet providing these services has become challenging for many MSP providers.

With an increasing number of devices to manage, along with increasing security threats and the complication of complying with industry regulations and the increasing availability of specialized applications, it has become more difficult to keep track of it all. MSPs must provide superior service or risk gaining a poor reputation. Rather than the constant struggle to keep up with the continuous influx of requirements for a wide variety of industries, focusing on only a few can be much more lucrative.

Providing Better Service Through Specialization

The business goal for all MSP providers should be to provide the most complete IT services to their clients. Doing so allows a service to maintain satisfied customers and creates the reputation that is essential for a provider to be considered a trustworthy partner. This is a much more attainable goal when specializing. By focusing on only one or two industries, MSP suppliers can invest their time and resources into learning as much as they can about those industries and how to best manage IT to satisfy the needs of industry clients. Specializing allows MSPs to become more efficient themselves, while creating efficient IT solutions for their business clients.

The only area where this may not be true is when servicing small to medium sized businesses (SMBs), which generally purchase fewer services overall, yet have higher expectations from their IT service providers. MSPs that serve mainly SMBs must also consider specialization; this could be in a broader area or by only offering the basic services that smaller businesses demand and avoiding clients who require the more complicated or specialized IT services.

MSP Growth and Profitability Related to Specialization

MSP service suppliers who choose to specialize often end up with more business and greater profitability. Although it may seem as if limiting the businesses and industries served would reduce the ability to obtain new clients, most MSP services have an easier time finding customers because they are specialized. Specialization in areas where there are high technical demands and where clients depend on their IT services providers to help them become more efficient and productive despite those demands, frequently helps MSP techs draw the very customers that need that expertise. In the end, it can be a win-win situation for both MSPs and the industry customers they serve.

To continue providing IT services, managed service providers must maintain their knowledge, reputation, and profitability. One of the best ways for MSP services to combat the ever-growing need for IT services yet increase business at the same time is to specialize. By specializing, these service providers become authorities in their chosen industry. This creates the unique situation where MSPs are in a more competitive position against other local IT services still trying to cater to the general masses!

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