Facing HIPAA Compliance Threats? These 5 Tips Will Help You!

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With the ever-increasing incidence of security threats that compromise patient information, compliance with HIPAA regulations is essential for today’s healthcare businesses. A large percentage of these regulations deal with healthcare IT solutions and ensuring that your business works with healthcare IT consultants who fully understand them.

Yet there is more to [...]

Why Your IT Infrastructure Must Be Able To Grow!

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Technology is growing at an incredible pace in today's world. Managed IT services must be able to provide the service a company needs to stay current and competitive. Without good planning, managed IT solutions can easily become outdated, even within just a few years. Keeping your company productive [...]

Reach Your Patients By Embracing Healthcare IT Technology!

Healthcare IT Services in Buffalo NY

Healthcare IT services play an important role in the security of your medical practice and ability to maintain HIPAA compliance. Yet these services also provide you with a number of other benefits if you choose to let them.

Another great purpose of managed IT services is to help your [...]

2018 Network Security – You Need To Be Prepared!

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With IT network security risks like ransomware becoming more advanced every day, 2018 promises to be an eventful year in the world of IT and network services. Keeping your business safe from these growing threats in the coming year and into the future must be a priority today. [...]

Why Your Healthcare Practice Needs Managed IT Services!

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In this day of increasing HIPAA regulations and heightened digital security, professional healthcare IT services have become more important than ever. In spite of this growing need, many practice owners are reluctant to obtain the specialized managed IT services their businesses desperately need.

With privacy risks at an all-time [...]

What Will 2018 Bring To Healthcare IT Services Data Security?

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With a new year already looming on the horizon, medical businesses and healthcare IT services are already looking ahead at what is in store for cybersecurity and data protection. This year, HIPAA regulations have been further defined and increased. New, more sophisticated threats to IT services have surfaced and [...]

Healthcare IT Services – It’s All About Patient Safety!

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When medical professionals review patient security and healthcare IT services in this day of heightened security threats, what usually comes to mind first is stolen financial and identity information. In reality, this is only part of the data at risk. Security breaches due to insufficient IT services put [...]

3 Healthcare IT Solutions For Ransomware Attack Preparation!

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In light of the growing threat of ransomware attacks and recent events proving how easily such attacks can disable healthcare facilities, all industry businesses must take this threat seriously. Ransomware can bring any business not protected with effective IT solutions to its knees.

Ransomware attacks due to insufficient managed [...]

Healthcare Data Encryption – Protecting ePHI Security!

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As the healthcare industry becomes increasingly dependent on electronic communication and recordkeeping, secure healthcare IT services are a critical concern that every business must understand. Among the various security methods used to protect electronic patient healthcare information (ePHI), healthcare IT consultants stress the importance of data encryption.

Although [...]

Healthcare Data IT Services – Is Your Cloud Solution Secure?

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The implementation of Electronic Health Record or EHR healthcare IT solutions that make access to patient records easier for different providers is growing in leaps and bounds. As the medical industry continues to venture into the digital age, many healthcare IT services are embracing cloud storage and other [...]