Need Help With Your Office 365 Problems In 2018?


Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most popular software suites used by businesses of all types. As functional as it is, there are a few downsides to using this software that leave many in need of expert Office 365 help.

If your company uses or plans to use this product, know its limitations ahead of time so you can progress without issues or seek out the Office 365 support you need to have smooth use of this helpful software.

1. Microsoft Ownership and Hosting

The first thing that every company using or planning to use Office 365 must know is that it is essentially a cloud-based software tool provided and controlled by Microsoft. Unlike other software that you can install and use as you wish, this software can only be used the way Microsoft presents it. This can result in certain issues including:

  • Control Issues
  • Basically stated, since Microsoft has complete control of the software, they also control things like existing features, updates, and accessibility. You can learn the best use of those features with appropriate Office 365 help; however, you can only use it as directed; it is totally hosted and controlled by Microsoft.
    Customization Issues - Although the software suite is extremely flexible, it may not offer the features and functions your business needs. It cannot be totally customized in some instances.
  • Performance Issues
  • Should you run into customization and functionality issues or problems with the scheduling of software updates, this could lead to performance concerns in how your company actually uses the software.

2. Security Issues

The second issue that could leave you seeking Office 365 support is security problems. Although Microsoft spends millions to keep its products secure, the simple fact that Office 365 is hosted on and run from the cloud causes some cautious. As a known target for cybercriminals, this software has experienced breaches in the past, although those issues have since been corrected.

Maintaining the highest level of security with this product involves using other network security solutions to monitor system behavior and the movement of data throughout the network.

3. Compliance Issues

Although Microsoft’s products do carry certain compliance certificates, the lack of customization often leads to non-compliance for certain specific uses. Companies with specific needs may be able to find solutions by discussing those needs with Office 365 support; however, many times such solutions may be insufficient.

4. Conversion Issues

Conversion from a proprietary program to Office 365 may also present a number of concerns for some businesses. It can be challenging to transfer operations to any new software after using other in-house products; getting employees comfortable and proficient with this program will also take some time.

The Microsoft suite offers some powerful tools that can benefit your company when they are used effectively and correctly, something that may seem foreign initially. System and mobile security must also be considered when implementing this application.

Overall, Microsoft’s Office 365 software suite is a highly useful, effective group of applications that many companies find beneficial. To ensure the best and safest use of this product, it is essential that you understand its limitations and discuss its use with skilled Office 365 help who can help you tailor your applications to best suit your needs.

In instances where Office 365 support cannot customize or secure the application in ways your business requires, you may need to resort to a hybrid application that can provide the additional flexibility needed!