Is Your Answer To Network Security Too Traditional?


With data breaches becoming more common and larger organizations with big technology budgets even making the news, the need to protect your business with better network security has never been more clear. What is also clear is the need to approach IT network security from a new angle.

Modern networking and the IoT have outgrown traditional network services. If you want the best security solutions, your company must progress along with present day technology and the security concerns that threaten it.

Security Threats Are Constantly Changing

The most troubling thing about network security right now is the fact that cyber threats continue to change and keep coming back. As better technology is developed to detect and prevent attacks, new threats arise and the cycle continues. This becomes even further complicated by the fact that now there are more networks and connected devices than ever before.

It is a priority to protect your company by staying one step ahead of each new threat as it develops. This is becoming harder to do every day. This dilemma can only be resolved by understanding the shortcomings of traditional manual IT network security methods and how automation can prevent them.

Traditional Network Security Methods - No Longer Sufficient

The goal of network services that provide security is to detect threats and identify any vulnerabilities in the system, then troubleshoot them to prevent attacks. Due to the growth of technology, the number of connected devices and how far information can travel within a network these days, this is becoming increasingly difficult using manual detect and react methods.

As a result of this, IT personnel who are monitoring things via data collection and analysis, network diagrams, and processes that require intervention at various steps are quickly losing the ability to prevent attacks. With network diagrams continuously changing and frequently outdated, increased use of SDNs and ever-expanding organizations, this type of manual implementation of network security is becoming too slow and labor-intensive.

Even the best IT teams cannot see everything that is occurring in today’s complex networks. This lack of visibility creates an increased risk increase and a higher possibility of a system breach.

Eliminating Manual Processes for Automation

For a company to progress along with IT network security threats and the improving technology available to combat them, inefficient manual monitoring and troubleshooting methods must be replaced with a more automated workflow. By making the migration from slower manual detection and response processes that require human intervention to an automated process programmed to act immediately, businesses gain more control over their networks and increase their level of protection.

Information flow monitoring, access control, threat detection, and other monitoring processes are more effective in preventing automated cyber attacks by using appropriate automated network services.

It is essential for business owners to re-evaluate their network security systems because of company growth, an increased number of connected devices, and IT use.Then they must consider more effective ways to protect their data. There is more to preventing cyber attacks than the traditional approach of making sure that software is up-to-date and SDN is secure. IT network security is a multi-faceted concept that encompasses many processes. You will gain a higher level of protection by adding security automation to your essential network services!