Face It – Compliance Is A Big Concern For Your Company!

A major issue that any company must deal with regarding managed IT services and network security is compliance. The first hurdle in having a secure network is choosing and implementing appropriate managed IT solutions to protect it. The next bigger hurdle that IT services find can really undermine all protection efforts is poor compliance for a variety of reasons.

Take note of the main compliance issues and develop protocols to prevent them from putting your company network at risk.

1. The Use of Personal Devices

One of the main ways companies end up at risk is by allowing employees to access work networks with their personal mobile devices. Preventing the vulnerabilities caused by these devices requires the inclusion of strict policies on their use as part of managed IT solutions.

In addition, you should work with IT services to incorporate strong technical controls, including device management that can block devices from the network and the use of strong device-lock passwords.

2. Lax Software and Application Management

Another common vulnerability that put companies at risk is out-of-date software and applications. Effective network security involves managed IT services that make updating and patch installation a priority. It’s essential to keep everything current by installing updates and patches as soon as they are released.

3. Third-Party Vendors

As strict as your company may be with its data, you must also consider how well your vendors with access to your data are handling it. Electronic data interchange or EDI between businesses and third-party vendors is risky. It is responsible for more than half of all data breaches.

To remain secure, your company must include managed IT solutions that incorporate vendors and security protocols for how these vendors access and use your company’s protected data.

4. The Internet of Things

As technology continues to advance, the Internet of Things or IoT and the number of connectable devices increases with it. The IoT brings about many security concerns as more new devices can be incorporated into business networks, each one becoming another point of data access.

To accommodate for this type of growth, your company must incorporate IT services that offer secure endpoint access control and careful monitoring of networks as the prime means of preventing breaches. Penetration testing should also be regularly performed.

5. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

With the new European GDPR laws now in effect, companies must also consider how they use, process, and store any personal or business data collected from European individuals or businesses and comply with those security rules as well.

Your company must create GDPR policies and enlist managed IT services that include the tracking of how all data is collected and processed. You must also implement appropriate measures for using this data while complying with the GDPR laws. There are a number of data tools now available to help businesses with these new compliance requirements.

When considering the security of your company’s network and the managed IT solutions chosen, remember that compliance plays a major part in the success of your decisions. Work with IT services that can help you identify company security issues and develop the best protocols for total compliance. With the right managed IT services, you can keep both your networks and entire company safe from data breaches and other security threats!