Data Security – Why It Is Moving To The Cloud!


Today’s business landscape is vastly different than it was just ten years ago, largely due to changes in business IT and data services. Among these changes is an advance in data security, change that has taken many companies from a hard backup to offsite server storage via the cloud. Cloud services, which were initially met with a lukewarm response from most businesses, have now become the preferred option for secure data storage and other essential data services.

Shifting Opinions on Cloud Storage

When cloud storage was initially introduced, most companies were extremely wary about the storage feature the cloud offered and cloud services in general. There were too many unknown factors and a lot of questions regarding just how secure these storage solutions really were. Not many were willing to use cloud services for data security as a result. This viewpoint has changed, as cloud services have evolved. With improvements in these services and proof of high levels of security, recent polls on the use of cloud services show that more than 80 percent of businesses now consider their data to be stored more safely in the cloud. As a result, many companies are now utilizing many types of cloud services.

Data Security In the Cloud

Data security has been a challenge since the beginning of business IT . The only way to securely preserve essential data is to duplicate and store it safely; however, the definition of safe has always been in question. With greater IT demands and increasing amounts of data to store, more businesses have come to realize that a hard backup physically stored at an external location is not only inconvenient but also less reliable than backing up to the cloud. There is a definite recognition that a data security plan that includes cloud services is safer, more convenient; and, as a result, a much more cost-effective data recovery solution. This is supported by the fact that each year more companies are moving to cloud services to improve their data security.

Cloud Storage and Data Recovery Tips

Current estimates are that about half of all businesses utilize cloud services which include data recovery services; with this number growing considerably every year. From 2015 to the present, an estimated 15 percent of businesses switched from a hard backup to backing up to the cloud, mainly due to the availability of better, more secure cloud services.

For businesses that are considering making the switch, working with reliable cloud services to create a good backup and recovery strategy is essential. Cloud backups may be programmable to happen automatically; however, they are not foolproof. Cloud services must still be overseen and frequently tested to ensure reliability. After creating a workable backup and recovery plan, it is recommended that a company have any plan analyzed by an experienced IT professional. The alternative would be to create a plan with the help of knowledgeable data service professionals. The entire backup and recovery procedure should then be tested to ensure its reliability and simplify recovery should it become necessary.

With the right cloud data security plan in place, a company can experience the many benefits such as improved data security that is possible with cloud storage. Cloud services have come a long way in the past half-decade, making them one of the most secure and efficient data services available today. Any company that wants to learn more about improving data security with the right cloud services should discuss their needs with an experienced data services provider!