The need for effective cybersecurity grows more important every day.

Still, many business owners downplay this need or simply do not understand how good cybersecurity can protect their companies and prevent massive financial losses and other liabilities.

The key to understanding the prevalence and severity of today’s cyber threats and the need for cybersecurity services lies in knowing the facts about them and the businesses they affect. 

1. More Common Than Expected

No longer something that business owners can assume won’t happen to them, the prevalence of cybersecurity threats is rising every day.

Hacking has become an extremely profitable activity that victimizes businesses all over the world.

Hacking threats and other forms of data breaches happen in the tens of thousands every day.

In fact, the number of businesses that fell prey to phishing hacks and ransomware alone rose by 34% and 61% respectively over the past two years. 

2. Businesses Of All Sizes Targeted

Cybersecurity threats affect businesses of all sizes.

While it used to be more common that malicious actors attacked larger companies, that is no longer the case.

Small business attacks have skyrocketed in recent years, mainly because they are easier to execute.

This is largely due to the fact that many small business owners still fail to secure the cybersecurity services they need to protect their businesses from these threats. 

3. New Threats Popping Up Every Day

With so many devices now connected to the Internet of Things, cybersecurity threats affect much more than just computers, tablets, and smartphones.

There are new types of threats being launched every day, making effective cybersecurity detection and protection strategies essential to minimize attacks and the damage they can cause.

Threats range from the more recognizable phishing and data breach attacks to newer types like SMS attacks, social media “like-jacking,” link-jacking attacks, and tech support fraud with new forms of these attacks being endlessly created.

Additionally, cybersecurity experts have identified that Android devices are apparently easier to hack than many others, although all computers and devices are exploitable in some way. 

4. Ransomware and Phishing Attacks On The Rise

Of all the types of cybersecurity attacks used today, phishing data breach attacks and ransomware are still the most prevalent.

64% of American companies have either been affected by or paid a ransom and the FBI calls phishing schemes the #1 type of cybercrime that people and businesses face today. 

5. Employees A Top Cybersecurity Threat

Another critical bit of knowledge that business owners must realize is that their greatest cybersecurity threat comes from right within their own organization.

More often than note, cybersecurity services find employee carelessness and non-compliance with security rules to be the point by which hackers gain access to business data.

Malicious insider behavior by employees within a company is another way that data breaches are facilitated. 

6. Data Breaches Are Expensive

Every year, data breaches and other cybersecurity hacks cost U.S. companies an estimated $100 billion, with the average attack costing $4.24 million.

Targeted smaller businesses with fewer than 2500 employees lose an average of $11 million annually to cyber crimes.

Some companies have lost an estimated $250,000 per hour of downtime after ransomware attacks.

Worse yet, research indicates that 68% of the funds lost to financial targeting were never recovered.  

7. More Companies Seeking Cybersecurity Services

In response to the growing prevalence of attacks and the significant damages they cause, more companies than ever before have sought out cybersecurity services within the past few years and 82% have increased their cybersecurity budgets. 

Protect Businesses With Professional Cybersecurity Help

Keeping businesses safe in today’s digital world starts by knowing the potential risks and how damaging they can be.

The next step is seeking out a professional, tailored cybersecurity strategy with the help of experienced specialists.

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