Cybersecurity companies are increasingly busier than they have ever been as cyber threats continue to evolve.

Between the emergence of new threats and the persistence of old ones, cybersecurity services have become a critical need for every business.

Below, see the top cyber threat categories identified by cybersecurity consulting firms that are affecting businesses today and which business owners must protect themselves against.

1. Third-Party Breaches

A top security threat recognized by cybersecurity companies involves the exposure of personal or business information via security breaches of third-party applications.

Negligent handling of company data by a third party such as a payment processor is a common way in which data is leaked.

This creates problems not only for the third party that experienced the breach but also for businesses that used the service, since it affects their customers.

2. Cloud Security Issues

Cybersecurity companies see that as the reliance on cloud computing grows, so do the security issues plaguing cloud servers.

Between cloud account hijacking, DDoS attacks, and other vulnerabilities, unsecured cloud network attacks are growing in prevalence and severity.

A common reason why is due to the mistaken perception that cloud-based networks are secure on their own and do not require the addition of other more holistic security measures.

3. Ransomware

Ransomware attacks are some of the most serious threats that cybersecurity firms encounter today and have become extremely financially damaging as well.

With ransomware-as-a-service seeing more hackers attempting to ransom even smaller businesses, cybersecurity companies stress the critical importance of strong security and a strategy to prevent these attacks as the only suitable solution.

4. Employee Compliance

Whether due to falling victim to phishing emails, using unsecured networks and unauthorized devices, or poor password protection, poor employee compliance with office cybersecurity rules is a significant security risk.

Cybersecurity companies highlight the need for more and better employee training on cybersecurity as well as better adherence to security protocols along with robust system controls as the main way to gain control of this human error risk and reduce attacks.

5. Poor Risk Management

Poor risk management in many different forms is yet another type of threat that cybersecurity firms see occurring in many businesses.

From poor password creation and failing to use multi-factor authentication to poor endpoint protection and the use of outdated and easily breached hardware, these are just some of many similar risks that can be easily eliminated, yet are still ongoing at many companies.

Effective Cybersecurity Essential As Cyber Threats Evolve

Cybersecurity companies advise that while anticipating every cyber threat that might come along is impossible, protecting business networks with effective cybersecurity strategies is not.

As threats continue to evolve, cybersecurity consulting firms can help companies protect themselves with the right tools and processes to prevent attacks and minimize damage.

Businesses of all types should invest in the services of a proven cybersecurity company that will assess their risk level, then make appropriate changes to minimize it.

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