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The Best IT Solutions for Your Architecture Firm


Technology and design go hand in hand with each other. So how do Architecture and Engineering firms use technology in such a competitive industry? The architecture firm Architizer surveyed different companies in the industry on what IT solutions were the best for creating innovative building plans.

Cloud & Virtualization

IT solutions such as the Cloud and Virtualization have made working in the architectural field much more desirable. Over half of the participants surveyed suggested that they have utilized these types of technology to gain access to their desktop files and data stored on their office network. Instead of using the office as a workplace, architects are now finding other places to begin their creative process and are only going to the office for interconnectivity with their peers.

Unified Communications

Working remotely comes with challenges as well as rewards. Architects rely on unified communications that promote collaboration and networking to work on projects together while off site. They need strong connections and robust networking platforms to collaborate successfully on projects. IT solutions such as VoIP, instant messaging, and other unified communication methods can help increase the productivity of these now mobile firms.

Hardware & Software as a Service

To create an innovative design, the industry must use the best hardware and software. Many architects depend on the on CPU speed and reliability of their machines to complete projects and meet deadlines. The survey also found that the majority of IT headaches faced by architects are hardware centered, with 80% of respondents reporting to use a desktop device as their primary computing method. 44% of those surveyed complained that hardware was the cause of their frustrations in the workplace.

Other IT Solutions Desired

The overall findings of the study pointed to software compatibility as one of the most coveted IT solutions for the firm’s success. Many architects laminated about the issues they face with Autodesk Autocad, Autodesk Revil, GraphisoftArchiCAD, Vectorworks, and Bentley Microstation not having adequate communication with other applications. They also mentioned the frustrations caused by having to spend time on other tasks not related to their primary jobs and expressed interested in cleaning up their workflows for a better experience in productivity.

How ACP Technologies Can Help Your Firm

ACP Technologies has numerous years of experience in providing IT solutions to improve architecture and engineering firms. They automate manual workflows to increase efficiency, implement unified communications to enable better collaboration, and help with data migration to the cloud or consolidating servers for easier file sharing and better security. ACP Technologies can also make sure your applications are able to integrate without issue and bring much needed relief to your firm. Give them a call today and see how your firm can improve with ACP Technologies.

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