2018 Network Security – You Need To Be Prepared!


With IT network security risks like ransomware becoming more advanced every day, 2018 promises to be an eventful year in the world of IT and network services. Keeping your business safe from these growing threats in the coming year and into the future must be a priority today. Because of the emergence of new IT threats that network security services have seen more recently, many predict growing trends in the new year.

Risk Prevention

As threats continue to develop, many IT network security experts see that risk prevention is as much of a priority as network protection. Preventing an attack through better threat detection is being seen as a more effective means of actually protecting a network, as opposed to preventing damage once a network has been affected by an attack.

In terms of network security, prevention suggests that your company focus on threat detection methods and the development of appropriate responses once threats are discovered.

Cloud and Application Security

With more businesses than ever utilizing the cloud, security is another prime focus. A cloud environment can be an easy target for cyber attacks and demand stricter security controls. Experts suggest that an increase of cloud-based security issues in 2018 could be coming and network services must plan ahead to prevent them.

The use of various apps must be considered in the same way as vulnerable applications, especially when used on mobile devices, present additional security threats. Choosing the most secure cloud service providers and applications for your company will be essential, as will the development of data security and protection strategies to reduce their risk.

Data Privacy and Protection

The privacy and protection of customer and business data is becoming paramount and companies need to develop new network security strategies to prevent data loss. This incorporates both the need for safer business practices and the use of reliable hardware and software that will perform correctly.

IT network security threats must be effectively controlled in multitude ways to keep all data secure and protected from theft or destruction.

Increasing Demand for Cybersecurity Services

As a result of this substantial and growing need for better IT security, it is also expected that the demand for professional cybersecurity network services will grow exponentially. Ignoring the threats or relying on sub-par protection is no longer an option for today’s businesses. Implementing the best IT security is becoming a survival necessity.

This quickly growing demand suggests that employment in this sector is expected to rise as businesses turn to professional services for the protection they need. Companies that offer IT services work to fill this demand.

To keep your business safe from growing cybersecurity threats, it is vital to partner with experienced IT network security services. Relying on in-house staff or inferior methods of protection is less of an option as these threats become more sophisticated. To ensure your company is protected with the best and most current network security, you must recognize these growing trends and implement the right services. Be sure to work with network services who have the knowledge and expertise required to do the job!